Everything seems to be full pelt at the moment & thus, this little nugget is a recent summary of life at Psychopants HQ & our expanding periphery.

    In short, we launched new collections ‘The Patter’ & ‘L’occasion' and welcomed on board lots of lovely new Scottish stockists.

    Also launched, was Bike Lovers Utd' - a complimentary range for our top selling bike prints. The said prints, currently showing at the Bowery Gallery in Leeds, who are hosting a cycling exhibition in celebration of the Grand Départ. And here I digress, for today is the Grand Départ - and as Tour Fever reaches it's peak - so does ours. Between the Commonwealth Games in our native city & Le Tour, we're buzzing (not least cos we cycled the farthest, fastest, (read Full Pelt), & took in a hill on the 'list' on the same day this week - all I personally require now, is head to toe leopard print cycling clobber, gold clip in shoes and I reckon I'll be unstoppable - well, unstoppable-ish.

    So. . . . next up. Preparation for our forthcoming debut at the fancy Top Drawer Autumn Show this September. We're battering on with the design of 6 new collections to be released and I feel we're radiating a Ready Brek kinda glow of excitement. Aside from introducing new diecut designs to our portfolio we think we've finally come up with something that hasn't graced the market. . . it's TOP SECRET of course, for now. . . .

    So, signing off a with a swish of the kilt and a bit of profile for Archie. He's going to be the main man in our new 'Scot' collection launching in the next couple of weeks.  He's a red headed, bare chested, kilt swinging Scotsman and we bet you can't wait to see him.

    Lady P x



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