I am a complete cycling nut. Recently (and why it took me over 20 years I do not know) I changed to clipless pedals. Now anyone who knows me personally knows what’s coming next, for clumsy would be an understatement. However, off I went, very dandy, clickety click at junctions and it’s all good. I do tend to let the mind wander– and of course I did, as slowing to a stop up the middle lane between bus and car, in slow motion I lolled over, caught a poor man’s wing mirror (which folded in) leaving me draped over his window mouthing I’m so sorry, all while still attached to my bike. I’ll take that as a minder. So all this for what? It’s my annual challenge – this year I’m embracing the Etape Double (check it out) 
    Of course all this cycling both on the open road and delivering to our stockists, fuels the imagination - it's not just about the ride. You get all the best colours right there in your cycling gear and bikes, together strong geometric form and sleek finishes. It's a blessing to be able to draw from your passions and create. It’s what we love and do best. . . and here's one of our finest prints, 'Le Tour': http://www.psychopants.com/products/le-tour-p-p530





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